Sidewalk Style – Week 52 With Ina

Dec, 25th, 2014

Armani Exchange was one of the few stores open on Christmas Day. Ina had just finished shopping when we met.
Ina’s wearing:
Sunglasses Vdel Vero
Jacket BDG
Purse Marc Jacobs
Dress & Boots ? bought in Korea

Sidewalk Style – Week 23 With Amy

Jun, 1st, 2014

Amy just purchased some pastries and was on her way to meet her girlfriend that just arrived in Vancouver. When I asked about her outfit she said she picked a bright color to match the weather. From a distance her skirt appeared as a solid color. However once we began chatting I could see a geometrical pattern which made me look twice.
Amy’s wearing:
Sunglasses: Gucci
Blouse: Banana Republic
Skirt: Vintage
Purse: Marc Jacobs
Heels: Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 8 With Karolina

Feb, 21st, 2014

I met Karolina on her way to a ballet performance. She stopped long enough for a quick chat and a couple photos. She visits the Vogue UK website for ideas. It was quite cold but she gave me a quick peek at the purple Diane von Furstenberg shift dress she was wearing.
Karolina’s wearing
Coat: Liz Claiborne
Purse: Marc Jacobs
Heels: Aldo

Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Elya is “Going Somewhere…”

Nov, 23rd, 2013

As Elya described her wardrobe, her coat sounded like a perfect match for her skirt. She originally suggested a sweater but I felt the sweater’s pattern competed with her plaid coat and pleated skirt. Instead I suggested a plain white blouse. The combination was a welcome change to the black & grey winter colors Vancouverites love. I learned Elya will graduate this summer with an Interior Design degree.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Elya is wearing:
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Watch: DKNY
Purse: Marc Jacobs
Ankle boots: Georgio Fabiani

Sidewalk Style – Week 36 with Daniela

Sep, 1st, 2013

The night time is the right time with Daniela after dark!
I met Daniela after the Rachel Liang concert. Her restaurant shift just ended and we were both on our way home. I asked what inspired her outfit. She said black & white were the “in style” colors for summer. Incidentally, this was my first nighttime Sidewalk shoot!
Daniela’s wearing:
Blouse Loft 82
Skirt Aritzia
Purse Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels Aldo

Sidewalk Style – Week 31 with Chantelle

Aug, 2nd, 2013

At first glance I thought the back of Chantelle’s blouse had chains sewn into one edge. I thought, “Wow! this is really unique. I better snap a few photos of this rare find.” She must have heard my camera because she turned around with look of part shock and part disbelief. We had a good laugh after I introduced myself. As we were shooting I could tell she had a presence in front of the camera. Yet she’s not a model. Very intriguing…
Chantelle’s wearing:
Blouse 212 (online)
Purse Marc Jacobs
Slacks Jus D’Orange from Paris, FR
Heels Funky Monkey

Sidewalk Style – Week 25 with Grace

Jun, 16th, 2013

As I was visiting Jenny’s Haute Wheels fashion truck a nicely dressed woman and her boyfriend began browsing the racks. She stood out from the crowd of “casualistas” and was complemented by Jenny and Azura. As I began chatting with Grace she mentioned she’s a Fashion Merchandising student as well as a Fashion Blogger. Her blog is called the Fashion Narcissist.
We slipped away from the crowded street and took a few photos. Grace got her inspiration for today’s outfit from Vanessa Hudgens. From there she chose a bohemian look. She started with a pair of vintage floral print pants. She contrasted the loose fitting pants with a sung fitting bandeau top. She said the flats were an afterthought but they were perfect for lots of “Car Free Day” walking.
I personally like Grace’s outfit for all the little touches that tie everything together. For instance, her bracelet, ring, belt, flats and Marc by Marc Jacobs nameplate have gold as an accent color. And of course her top, belt pants and flats are predominately black.
Grace’s wearing:
Blouse C’est Moi
Belt & Pants Vintage
Purse Marc by Marc Jacobs
Flats Manolo Blahnik

Insider Seen @ Vancouver Fashion Week F/W2013 – Day 2

Mar, 21st, 2013

I met Ivy at VFW S/S2013. She’s is a blogger with a classy sense of style. I really like her see through purse and I love her sexy heels.
When I visited her site, I noticed how she sometimes incorporates elements of street style into her classy outfits.
Ivy’s wearing:
Sweater Zara
Skirt Choies
Purse Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels Celine

Sidewalk Style – Week 3

Jan, 17th, 2013

I met Jessica on the way to work. I was glad I could brighten her morning. Hmmm… is it just me or does Jessica remind you of Emily Blunt?
Jessica’s wearing:
Sunglasses Burberry
Jacket Loft 82
Gloves Club Monaco
Purse Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels Aldo