Sidewalk Style – Week 7 on Valentine’s Day

Feb, 14th, 2014

It was Valentine’s Day and she was holding hands with her man. Since I could see she was wearing Michael Kors boots and carrying a Tory Burch purse there was no need to interrupt.

Sidewalk Shoot – My Friend Penny

Sep, 13th, 2013

Hi Penny!
Q- What are you wearing today?
A- I’m wearing a blouse from Gallery, a skirt from a boutique in Korea and Steve Madden heels. My purse is from Tory Burch.
Q- When/where would you wear this?
A- I would it to brunch, afternoon tea, shopping or on a date. The color is very soft/feminine which is perfect for summer or spring.
Q- How would you describe your personal style?
A- I have a mix of feminine, elegant and chic style.
Q- Who’s your favorite style icon?
A- Audrey Hepburn
Q- What shopping secrets would you like to share?
A- It’s not the brand that matters, what matters most is the style that suits you.
Q- If you were a super hero/villain, what super powers would you have?
A- The ability to read minds!
Q- What sound(s) do you most love to hear?
A- Sound of the rain. It’s very soothing and relaxes me.
I’ve photographed Penny twice before. She loves to dress-up!
We met earlier in the evening for a quick bite to eat. As we left the restaurant we decided to do an impromptu shoot. Shooting at night is much different than shooting during the day. It’s much easier to convey a mood durig the day. But it was fun to experiment with different ideas after dark.

Sidewalk Style – Week 3

Jan, 14th, 2013

I met Cari just after her post grad job interview. As I complemented her on her outfit she said, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” I think that’s a great “dress for success” mindset. Hopefully she’s offered the job.
Cari’s wearing:
Coat Aritzia
Dress H&M
Purse Tory Burch
Heels Nine West

Sidewalk Style – Week 28

Jul, 11th, 2012

I normally see Mana interviewing Designers at fashion shows for her West Coast Style TV program. I’ve added several images of her in my “Seen @ the Show” posts. However today I saw her and her lovely sister on Robson St. With a little coaxing and prodding Mitra posed for me (left). She quickly warmed up and I got a nice smile. Of course I couldn’t say goodbye without photographing both sisters together. Mana (right) was quite proud of the fact that her mixed & matched outfit was affordable. Without hesitation she said, “My heels are from Army & Navy!”
Mitra’s wearing:
Hat shhh… It’s a secret!
Blouse Zara
Pants Aritzia
Heels Nine West
Mana’s wearing:
Blouse ??
Capri Jeans Sirens
Purse Tory Burch
Heels ??
P.S.- Ladies… You should know Army & Navy’s shoe sales are legendary events. This is the kind of sale where women queue up to be first. This is the kind of sale where women fill small, handheld grocery baskets with a dozen shoes. I’ve never attended the event but I understand the prices are very affordable. The last shoe sale took place on April 25th…