Miss America Mallory Hagan at the Deighton Cup 2013

Aug, 11th, 2013

I met Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013 with the assistance of Lj Public Relations. We chatted for a couple minutes on Friday and Saturday and I we had a mini photo shoot. I was scheduled for a sit-down interview but due to last minute changes the answers below were provided via e-mail a few days later.
Miss America’s wearing:
Fascinator Hive Mind Millinery
Dresses Joseph Ribkoff
Q&A with Miss America
Q1- You grew up in a small town in Alabama (the southern US) then you moved to Brooklyn, NY. Numerous contrasts spring to mind. Can you
       describe your initial impressions of your new home?

A1- I loved all of the culture in Brooklyn and that there were so many different nationalities represented.
Q2- Aside from Joseph Ribkoff are there any designers that make you melt inside?
A2- I love Ellie Saab and Rachel Zoe. Rachel’s clothing is so well-made and cut to perfection. I especially love her suits.
Q3- I imagine you work with a stylist for speaking engagements and social functions. Who did you select and what drew you to them?
A3- Unfortunately, Miss America does not get a stylist. I wish!
Q4- You’ve spent a substantial portion of your life competing in pageants. Now that you’ve won Miss America will you continue to compete or
       will you transition into a new endeavor?

A4- The buck stops at Miss America! I will use my $50,000 in scholarship money to complete my degree in Communications at the Fashion Institute of        Technology.
Q5- Do you have any advice you would like to share with young women following in your pageant footsteps?
A5- Be yourself. It sounds so cliché, but people can spot a fake a mile away. Win being YOU!
Thanks Miss Hagan!

Runway Interview with Claire

Dec, 11th, 2011

I met Claire at Vancouver Fashion Week (November’s Spring/Summer show). She walked for a dozen designers and always looked calm and confident on the runway. We exchanged numbers and met a month later for coffee at Subeez. I filmed our conversation. She said,

“There’s some intense moments if the music goes quiet and all you can hear are the shutters and everybody is starring at you…”

I also asked her about her audition, hair and make-up and what it was like backstage. The images below are the designers she mentioned during the interview and here’s a link to her clothing and accessories site Claire Jemima. Take a look at our 13 minute You Tube clip. I hope you find her insights interesting.


Designer: Kam & Lee
Designer: Eva Chen
Designer: Boho Boco
Designer: True’s Fashion
Designer: Jung Eun Lee
Kam & Lee’s Eastside Culture Crawl Studio