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Designer Elena Ghisellini @ Blubird

May, 5th, 2016

Q- How do you know you’ve become a Vancouverite?
A- When you’re surprised by stranger’s warm greeting!
Toward the end of the event I approached Elena with a couple questions. I was momentarily caught off guard by the warmth of her smile and the twinkle in her eyes. It was a pleasant reminder that I’ve grown accustomed to Vancouver. As we chatted I learned her and her Operations Manager traveled to Vancouver to visit the store and meet the team what will feature her handbags.
Blubird (1055 Alberni St.) opted for the smaller bags within Elena’s collection. I noticed three distinct styles but the clutch with a cross body bag strap and architectural lines caught my attention. I asked if there was a hint of masculine inspiration. She said she was inspired by felines. I looked again and realized I was starring at the stylized face of a cat!   She explained she likes, “Pure and simple with a dash of originality.” She wants her handbags to give emotion and uses colors to catch people’s attention.” Click Elena to see her current collection.
I visited her website the following day and learned she graduated from the European Design Institute in Rome with honours. She headed Salvatore Ferragamo’s leather goods division, worked with Givenchy and was appointed Head Accessory Designer at Emilio Pucci. In 2003 she opened her own design firm in Florence.
Kudos to Erin Sousa of Sparkle Media for creating the Italian theme to welcome Elena. The invitation-only crowd of Bloggers and customers were treated a Vespa scooter photo op and gelato from Bella Gelateria. Cocktails, drinks and hors doeuvres were provided by Savoury City. My favorite were the tiny, crab filled puff pastries. The goat cheese wrapped in Prosciutto was equally delicious. Click Savoury City to view the full canape menu to host your next event.

Elena’s: “Leo”, medium bucket (front) & “Gabria” (back)

Elena’s: “Leo”, mini bucket (top) & “Felina” cat face (bottom)

Zhanna & Elena, Zhanna’s due in June!

DJ Nathalie
Blubird: Mira & Guest: Nick
Blubird: Katrina & Lennie


Fleurs de Villes 2016 at Oakridge Mall

May, 3rd, 2016

Shortly after the Oakridge Mall closed for the evening, organizers blocked both ends of the mall’s main walkway so they could host a VIP customer appreciation event. This was the first Fleurs de Villes event. Local florists were invited to decorate mannequins with fresh flowers. There were between 8 – 12 entries.
At the same time the best dressed mannequin judging contest took place, the HBICtv cast and crew filmed episodes 3 & 4 from Season 3. There were a few curious onlookers but guests of the event admired the flower adorned mannequins, sipped wine, nibbled on macaroons and listened to a pianist play classical music.
Be sure to click HBICtv Season 3 Behind the Scenes for photos and commentary.

Designed by the Floralist located in Fort Langley
Sponsored by Global BC TV news
Designed by Vivio Flower Gallery located in Port Moody
Sponsored by the Vancouver Sun newspaper
Designed by Pretty Things located in Oakridge Mall
Sponsored by CKNW news radio
Designed by Garden Party located in Vancouver.
Sponsored by Dilawri automotive group
Designed by Botany Loving
Sponsored by Hudson’s Bay department store

Carmen’s wearing Blouse & Clutch: Bebe, Skirt: Forever 21
Guests: Carmen & Christie
HBICtv cast: Pam & Joy and Pam’s friend Linda
Fleurs de Villes models: ?, Snow, Asel and Therés

Couturist 1085 Robson St.

May, 1st, 2016

Grand Opening, May 7th 1:00 – 6:00pm!
Vicky and Riko (shown to the left) opened the Couturist online. After a year, they tested the water with a couple pop up shops and retained their February location (on Robson St. near Thurlow). The store soft-launched on April 24th.
Couture is defined as high fashion, hand-made clothing (typically for women). However, the “…Couturist strives to bring affordable luxury from around the world.” Their motto is: Contemporary, Chic and Comfortable.
They offer clothing from Los Angeles, Europe and Australia, as well as sunglasses from Italy & France. Since they are a specialty boutique you’ll rarely see someone on the street wearing the same outfit. Click to view the full range of their offerings.
Half United, a necklace collection uses bullet casings  as the theme of their design. “It symbolizes the FIGHT against global hunger. For every product purchased, Half United gives HALF of all of profits to feed children in need!”
The event will have a DJ, a media wall and a handheld Instagram frame (large enough for four people). They will serve bites & nibbles, juice and non alcoholic beverages. A couple contests are being planned.
Enjoy the event and try on that “must have” outfit!

Zara Duranni and the Couturist featured in the Asian Pacific Post

Myriam Laroche Eco Fashion Week Founder & CEO

Apr, 24th, 2016

As you watch broadcasts about warming seas, extended droughts and changing weather patterns it’s easy to be intimidated by the scale of the problem. Even for those that want to help, how can you contribute and gradually make a difference? It starts with people like Myriam Laroche, Founder and CEO of Eco Fashion Week (EFW).
After seeing Myriam at various events over several years, we finally met at her favorite coffee shop. I love the sound of her Montreal accent and her boundless optimism. As I plug in my laptop we joke about Blue Steel and why I was pleasantly surprized by Zoolander 2. Then she proudly proclaimed she’s wearing her blue sweater inside-out. She explained, “The visible clothing label is meant to spark a conversation about where clothes are made.” Also, it marks Fashion Revolution Week, April 18 – 24. But most importantly she continued, “It acknowledges [the 1,130 people that died and the 2,500 that were injured in] the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh.
To put the interview into context, I saw the following information displayed at EFW:
1. “It takes 1,800 gallons (6,814 liters) [to grow enough cotton] to make one pair of jeans.”
2. “On average, each North American annually throws away 81 pounds (36 kilograms) of clothes.”


  • Q01 – How does EFW promote sustainability?
    ML – EFW is a platform to inform and inspire people. Six days of EFW involves talks about different aspects of sustainability. For three nights the runway show proves to people that Eco fashion isn’t “granola fashion”.  In addition to Designers that use sustainable fabrics and techniques, we also have the “81 Pound Challenge” presented by Value Village. This year, a group of fashion design students from Visual College of Art & Design (VCAD), mentored by Jason Matlo, Glencora Twigg and Wen-Chee Liu, used 81 lbs. of clothes to create a runway collection. We have the “Thrift Style Challenge” where three stylists each put together a 10 look collection with a $500 allowance from Value Village. And we’ve recently added “Chic Sheets”.

  • Q02 – What is Chic Sheets?
    ML – Hotels discard a large number of sheets each year so we created a competition where eight local Designers create an outfit from used bed linens provided by Fairmont Waterfront, our venue partner. Each Designer’s outfit was sent down the runway.


One of a dozen outfits from the 81lb Challenge
Designer Kim Cathers, Chic Sheets Challenge outfit
Laudae Collection uses natural and organic fabrics
Designer Nathalie Rees, Thrift Style Challenge outfit


  • Q03 – Is EFW about connecting Eco Designers and Buyers?
    ML – Yes, but it’s also an opportunity to plant seeds with anyone involved in the apparel or textile industry. For example, that can also include someone from a companies’ Marketing or Human Resources department.

  • Q04 – What excites you about what you’re trying to accomplish?
    ML – I like connecting people and understanding consumer trends. Fast fashion fills a void and people compensate by buying more. We’re trying to change people’s mindset. Each person will need to find their own recipe but it could include something as simple as incorporating second hand, locally made or vegan clothing.



  • Q05 – What motivates you?
    ML – I’m trying to create a community  and help change the fashion industry. When I moved to Vancouver (from Montreal) in 2007, Vancouver fashion events were about trying to be New York or Toronto. But Vancouver is young, fresh and is not NY or Toronto. EFW wants to give Vancouver its own fashion identity based on comfort, efficiency, sustainability, quality and durability. Feeling good about what you’re wearing is important to Vancouverites so I believe we can lead the way when it comes to fashion.

  • Q06 – What are your thoughts about the season that just ended?
    ML – I think things are starting to take off. We have 21,000 Twitter followers and ET Canada was on site for the entire week!  In November we will launch EFW in Seattle, a three day event. The spring edition will stay in Vancouver and the fall edition will be in our sister city across the border.



  • Q07 – What’s your background?
    ML – I was a buyer in Montreal. It was all about hard style negotiating to get the lowest price from the factory. After several years it didn’t feel right so I quit my job and moved to Vancouver.

  • Q08 – Most cities have two runway shows per year. Why does EFW only have one show?
    ML – At one point we produced two shows but the amount of work to produce a show every six months was exhausting. After 3 years, we will be back to two events per year, including the Seattle one.



  • Q09 – You’re collaborating with companies like Levis, H&M, Value Village.  What’s your approach for turning them to eco-friendly practices?
    ML – Creating a healthier fashion industry is the problem of anyone who is part of the apparel and textile industry, small or big. We all have to work together, because we have to share information to find the solutions. Rather than protest, we meet with them to understand their marketing and sustainability goals. Then we figure out how we can help each other.

Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Click Eco Fashion Week to find out more about Myriam’s organization.

La Biosthetique 2016 Summer Trends – Night Fever Hair Show

Apr, 24th, 2016

A trend show is a chance for Stylists to receive a sneak peek at trends before they become trends. Twice a year companies like La Biosthetique unveil their collection and how it inspired looks for the coming season. Events feature top Stylists demonstrating to other Stylists the tips, tricks and techniques to recreate new looks for the public.
I’ve had the privilege of attending La Biosthetique’s:

Star Club (2015)
Pop Art (2014)

and tonight’s Night Fever show. Each event was held at different venues. The format and presentation varied to keep each event interesting and fresh.
Night Fever was held at the Cultch in the Commercial Drive neighborhood. The theater has a capacity for 285 patrons. From what I could tell most seats were filled.
La Biosthetique’s Night Fever is the 2016 Spring Summer collection “…Celebrating the magic and mysterious beauty of the night, inspired by the night life of the capital of elegance – Paris.”

La Biosthetique hair care and cosmetic products

Opening Remarks

Emcee Natalie Langston and Tom Shrubsall
Marc Riese

Color Painting “Gouache”

(L to R): Stylists: Sara Burke, Tammy McLean and Stevi Dean

The Men

(L to R): Marc Riese (Creative Director & Director of Education) and Dylan Beatch (Beauty Stylist 2014 & 2015) playfully banter about tips and techniques for staying cool under the heat of the spotlight.

Make up

“The make-up collection supports the collection’s statement with casual elegance. Today, women effortlessly transition from day to night, from the office directly to a party. Our collection makes this really easy,” explains Creative Director of Make Up, Anna Riese, “with little touches, you can create highlights and turn a casual, laid-back nude look into an exciting evening look.”

Anita Lee
Emma Kate Abrahamson
Anna Riese; Creative Director Make Up and…
Director of Education Skin Care & Make Up



The appetizers were delicious! One hostess served bite sized cups of mac & cheese. Another served chicken skewers with peanut sauce. Small bags of popcorn were also available.

Teresa Polson, Black 2 Blond Owner and friend
Friend and Philip Jung Managing Director

The stylish Aurora! Style by Fire Fashion Blogger
Love the heels!

“Show off”


Jody making a “dance off” challenge for the after party


Trend Color Explanations

Tammy and Rhino (far right)


Trend Cut Explanations

Marc and Valerie


The army of people that made “Night Fever” possible!

The After Party at Bar None

With demonstrations complete, it was time to relax and have fun. A fair number of guests made the trip from the Commercial Drive neighborhood to Bar None in Yaletown. As guests were mixing and mingling they were treated to three dance routines. The first was a tribute to Michael Jackson and the last was a bit of “Dirty Dancing”.

Nakita Kohan, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Apr, 17th, 2016

Have the longer days and warmer temperatures prompted you to look for last year’s swimsuit?
If you’re in the mood to mark your return to the beach, pool or boat deck in a new suit, HannahMiddletonSwim will send her 2016 collection down the runway on May 17th. Nakita’s wearing a suit from Hannah’s 2015 collection. Her new collection was inspired by Middle Eastern earth tone colors, geometric patterns and rope details. Naturally I asked if that meant her collection would be more modest than her 2015 collection. “No!” she replied. “I’m still making statement pieces for confident women. My designs tend to be quite sexy   because I design suits that flatter the female body.”
Twenty two suits will range from sporty and high waist to suits that can be worn to a fancy party. Hannah also offers a custom fitting as well as the ability to replace a thong bikini bottom with a conventional, full coverage bottom. Prices range from $120 – $200. At the end of the show guests will have an opportunity to meet Hannah and view the suits up close.
This is your opportunity to dress up! The fashion show is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th at 7:30pm.   To purchase tickets, visit Prices range from $35 – $45. The fashion show will be held at Performance Works and the After Party will be held at the Sandbar Seafood restaurant. Both venues are located on Granville Island and parking is free after 4:00pm. Bus #50 has also has a stop nearby.
No sooner than Nakita moved to Vancouver (to pursue pilot season acting and singing) she landed a lead role in a new feature film in Alberta. Nakita was Miss Teen Canada 2012.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
R!c styled Nakita’s outfit:
Flower Crown Hairpiece: Isabelle Collomb Paris
Bikini: HannahMiddletonSwim
Straw Hat: Daniele Meucci
Wrap Scarf: Larittia
Tote: Tommy Hilfiger Sport
Flats: Aldo

Ashley Young, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Apr, 9th, 2016

Urban Angel

Copyrighted Image - Please Don't Repost
Thanks to Ashley for slipping into her ballet flats and a City Lux Boutique bandage style top and skirt to become an “Urban Angel”.
Ashley’s wearing:
Angel wings: From the Party Bazaar but modified by R!c
Top and skirt: City Lux Boutique

Keilani Jung, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Apr, 3rd, 2016

I had the opportunity to interview and photograph Miss Shayna Ding as Miss Asian Vancouver (MAV) 2015. Last week she handed her crown to Miss Keilani Jung. During my conversation with the 2016 MAV winner it became clear both ladies have kind personalities, a love of dance and jam packed schedules.
Both ladies are thoughtful, optimistic and very busy. Keilani is a full-time dancer and actor. After our photo shoot she rushed off to Brush hair salon for another photo shoot followed by a 1920’s style dance performance for a charity event that would keep her busy to 10:30pm. What follows is an interview that ended at midnight.

Shayna crowning Keilani


  • Q01 – Is there a meaning to your name?
    KJ – “Yes, it means heaven’s pride and glory.”

  • Q02 – Can you tell me about your multiethnic heritage?
    KJ – “My last name is Jung and that comes from my Chinese side. And I’m also part Hawaiian, Aboriginal, Black, French and Irish.”

  • Q03 – Oh, were you born in Hawaii?
    KJ – “No, I was born in Prince George and moved to Vancouver eight years ago.”

  • Q04 – What was it like as a child with so many cultural influences?
    KJ – “Growing up, one of our favorite holidays was the Chinese New Year and ever since we could walk my mom taught us the art hula dancing.”

  • Q05 – Can you share what you told the MAV audience about your childhood?
    KJ – “I wanted to celebrate the strength and beauty of the women my life. So I wanted to acknowledge that my mom, sisters and I are domestic abuse survivors. We’re very thankful to those that helped us get where we are today. Judy Russell inspired me as my dance mentor. My youngest sister is a jazz musician and my other sister is a talented visual artist.”

  • Q06 – I assume you’ll use your MAV platform to champion women’s domestic survivor programs?
    KJ – “I had an opportunity to collaborate on a fundraiser that benefited the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. But I’m equally excited about forming a charity that uses dance as therapy.”

  • Q07 – What are your recent accomplishments?
    KJ – “I was a Main Stage Dancer for Walt Disney and I was a Model and Spokesperson for Sport Chek and Olay. A year ago our original family dance group the Hawaiian Sisters blossomed into Aloha Entertainment We’ve recently been able to add Flash Mob, Cabaret and ballroom routines to our growing repertoire. I also teach Jazz and Ballet dance programs to grade school children at community center.”

  • Q08 – What do you do when you’re not dancing, acting or singing?
    KJ – “I’m learning how to DJ! My favorite tunes are anything old school like Motown.”

  • Q09 – Who/what inspires you?
    KJ – “Audrey Hepburn because she was the epitome of class and a humanitarian. Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” and Beyoncé because she’s the ultimate package.”

  • Q10 – How would you describe your outlook on life?
    KJ – “The little kid in me believes in miracles, true love and wishing stars and the grown-up recognizes the value of hard work. So it’s a balance between the two!”

Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Keilani’s wearing:
A sleeveless fringed kimono by Athena Procopiou. Special from Wardrobe Apparel

Special Thanks to Beauty by Ash (Ashley Young) for Keilani’s make-up
I styled Keilani’s outfit. She’s wearing:
Jacket: Roots
Blouse: American Apparel
Pants: Ralph Lauren Polo
Purse: Valentina
Heels: Cynthia Vincent

Miss Asian Vancouver 2016 @ Chali Rosso Art Gallery

Mar, 26th, 2016

Tonight was a night to mix and mingle with the Miss Asian Vancouver (MAV) 2016 contestants.
Unfortunately, Miss Shayna Ding, the current 2015 crown holder was unable to attend tonight’s event. Like the Miss Russian Vancouver pageant in November, this was the second time the Chali Rosso Art Gallery opened its doors to host the event. It’s quite amazing because the gallery is filled with the original works of: Picasso, Dali, Chagall, Miro, and Matisse!
With less than a week before the pageant, this was an opportunity to meet the contestants and provide media buzz for the event organizer, Bobby Safaei and his company PsyBoos Entertainment.
The event started at 7:00pm. It was in full-swing when I arrived at 7:30pm. Guests and contestants were nibbling on appetizers and sipping wine provided by Winestains. For most of the evening there were as many photographers as there were contestants! The event ended with a gift basket giveaway. Idris (whose birthday is 7-days away) won one of the baskets.
Tickets are still available. The event will be held at the prestigious Vancouver Club (915 West Hastings St.) on Thursday, March 31 from 7:00 – 11:00pm.
Click: PsyBoos to purchase tickets.
Click: Chali Rosso to visit the art gallery website.
Click: Miss Russian Vancouver 2015 to see the previous contestants.

Gallery Owner, Susanna
(L to R): ?, Marie Clair, ? and Susanna
Miss Asian Vancouver 2016 contestants. Unfortunately, contestants Joanne, Angel and Vivian weren’t able to attend tonight’s event.
Come to me my lovely purses!
PsyBoos Entertainment & Event Organizer, Bobby Safaei
Myriam and her sexy French accent
Bobby and 3 of 5 Judges: Marilou, Myriam & Andy
Anna was crowned Miss Russian Vancouver 2015
A week earlier Anna met with the MAV contestant to share her Miss Russian Vancouver experiences.

The MAV contestants are listed in the order of the group photo above. Bio details courtesy of the PsyBoos Facebook page.

Celia is a nursing student and she enjoys telling a story with dance and acting.


Cecilia is a fashion design student and fond of dancing, singing and all kinds of sports.


Adeline is a Human Resources Management student and loves to sing, play the piano, and the guitar.


Marcia is a SFU Communications graduate and enjoys singing, dancing, reading, cooking, crocheting and travel.

Arianna (Anna)

Arianna has studied International Hospitality Management. She’s a glamour model and enjoys hiking, karaoke and kick boxing.


Eve is family oriented and enjoys outdoor adventures, yoga, running marathons and travel.


Sarah is full-time Kindergarten teacher. She’s been a Recreational Gymnastics Coach and has run the Tough Mudder. She also loves Kickboxing, Yoga, weight lifting, hiking and rollerblading.


Cindy has a Hospitality Management degree and is currently enrolled in another university program. She enjoys new experiences, global travel and meeting interesting people.


Keilani has been working on a variety of collaborative projects focused on giving back to the community. She’s a dancer and working on an acting career.

Seen @ the Show

Guests chilling: Rosanne’s husband, Rosanne, Shannon and Angela

Lifestyle Blogger “Fabulous Vancouver”, Helen Wang and “Social Butterfly”, Alice Zhou
Bouchra and Alice
The back of her dress revealed a nice surprise!
Ting has amazing style!

Winestains Founder, Barry – Provided tonight’s wine
Laura & Sherri
Laura & Lavanya – I recognized them from the “Brilliant” charity fashion fundraiser!
Alfia and Helen
Gallery Manager, Oree – Gift basket giveaway
Idris (winner), Oree and ? (winner)