Sidewalk Art – Week 49

Dec, 2nd, 2012

Surprises & Contrasts

I instinctively photographed the brightly colored outfit from across the street. When I introduced myself I was surprised by how young Sarah was. She said she marched in the Santa Claus parade for her dance academy. The next surprise came the following day as I was reviewing her images. She looked so worried. I imagined she was waiting for her parents to pick her up. Then after we met she looked so happy. It was an interesting encounter.

Fall… Nature’s Fashion Show

Oct, 22nd, 2012

Fall is the time when nature puts on a spectacular fashion show. Leaves, trees and entire mountian sides display varying shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. But when fall arrives each year, do we follow Mother Nature’s lead? No, instead we emulate the short days and gloomy weather by wearing varying shades of black and grey. Yes, black has a slimming effect and every woman should have a LBD (little black dress) in her closet for special occasions. However, I wonder if people’s moods would be lifted slightly if everyone added a splash of color to their winter wardrobe. While it’s rare in Vancouver to spot someone wearing colors other than black or grey it will be my daunting task (and secret wish) to post images of fashionable YET colorful outfits.

Sidewalk Art – Week 36

Sep, 2nd, 2012

   Vancouver has a tremendous number of people asking for change. They are
   located on most high traffic street corners. They can also be found in
   front of movie theaters at 1:00am, burger shops and convenience stores.
   Their signs are designed to attract attention. Some are quite creative
   but honestly it can be a bit overwhelming at times. However there was
   something about Tony’s sign that was positive and unique. He was soft-
   spoken and a man of few words. As I was leaving I pleased to see
   three teenage girls give him change and take turns posing for photos
   with him.

Sidewalk Art – Week 36

Sep, 2nd, 2012

   “Daisy In Motion”

Sidewalk Art (Toronto) – Week 11

Mar, 17th, 2012

Heels Finsk

Sidewalk Art – Week 3

Jan, 21st, 2012