Sidewalk Art Week 36 – “Sara, A Cigarette & A Snake”

Sep, 1st, 2013

Quite a few people (men and women) stopped to pet Sara’s snake.

Sidewalk Art Week 35 @ The PNE

Aug, 31st, 2013

I have mixed feelings about The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE). Just as I’m growing accustomed to the endless days of summer, the PNE arrives reminding me that summer is slowly ending and fall classes are about to start. On the other hand the PNE is a wonderful place to people watch, ride amusement rides, pet farm animals and eat junk food.
Two of my friends and I attended Saturday night. We ate: Fish & Chips, Mini Doughnuts, Kettle Corn, Deep Fried Blueberry Pie and Deep Fried Pickles. However, I drew the line at trying Chocolate Covered Bacon!

Sidewalk Art – Week 34

Aug, 31st, 2013

I saw this on my way home Saturday evening. I love the simplicity of the white peplum
dress with black trim! It would have looked stunning at Le Diner en Blanc (Aug. 22).

Sidewalk Art – Week 34

Aug, 31st, 2013

Sidewalk Art Week 31 @ the Caribbean Days Festival with Jessica

Jul, 28th, 2013

I can’t imagine the sensation of having a tattoo drawn along my spine! I asked Jessica what it meant. Here’s what she wrote for me,
   “All that you are is the result of what you have thought.
   Happiness is when you think, say and do is in harmony.”
I also learned Jessica’s a fashion design student. She draws inspiration from Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel.

Sidewalk Art Week 31 @ the Caribbean Days Festival with Curtis

Jul, 28th, 2013

Curtis and I were standing in the same line for a Jerk Chicken Wrap. I asked about his tattoo. He said it took 25 hours over a period of 10 months.
At home I did a web search to translate “Una vida sin pesar” (the phrase at the bottom of his tattoo). It means “A life without regret”. I find the mixture of a Spanish phrase with a Buddhist scene very intriguing.

Sidewalk Art Week 29 – Untitled

Jul, 19th, 2013

Sidewalk Art Week 27 – Untitled

Jul, 3rd, 2013

Sidewalk Art Week 27 – Tiny Dancer

Jul, 2nd, 2013

The hula dancer lamp has been a fixture in Uptown Espresso & Bakery for several years.