Nordstrom Opening Gala & Fashion Show

Sep, 16th, 2015

I truly feel lucky to have been part of this amazing event because Nordstrom demonstrated what it means to “Go big or go home!”
The event took place on a scale I’ve yet to see in Vancouver. The August 19 Glowbal Grand Opening was very enjoyable but tonight’s event simply had more to offer. Guests were treated to: 1) A red carpet cocktail reception in the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG), 2) A fashion show at Robson Square and 3) An exclusive look at the flagship store before it was open to the public.
2,500 guests  bought tickets to the sold out event to attended the exclusive opening raising an estimated $420,000  to benefit the following local charities: BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation, Covenant House Vancouver and the VAG.
Red Carpet

5:30 – 7:00pm – Four generations of the Nordstrom family, charity organizers, international supermodels and local personalities posed for photos on the red carpeted media. The VAG’s lobby quickly swelled to capacity. Guests came dressed to impress. Women wore designer dresses and gowns. Men wore suits and a couple came dressed in black tie. Guests were treated to drinks and hors d’oeuvres as they waited for the fashion show to begin.

Crystal’s wearing Greta Constantine from Wardrobe Apparel

Eleni and Zahra candid…
Eleni and Zahra posed…

Nordstrom Campaign Ambassador & Supermodel Coco Rocha
Actress and Supermodel Karolina Kurkova

Back row, Nordstrom family executives (l to r): Jamie, Blake, Erik, Pete and Chris Wanlass
Front row, VAG: Kathleen Bartels and Bruce Munro Wright
Front row: Laurie Clarke, Tamara Taggart, Dr. Jan Christilaw
Sam, Erik & Julie Nordstrom
Tom Wells, Chris Wanlass and Karen McKibbin, President of Nordstrom Canada

The red carpet ran through the VAG and guided guests to the fashion show.

Seen @ the Show

Organizers transformed Robson Square!
7:00 – 7:30pm – Well known for ice skating in the winter and salsa dancing in the summer, the popular venue became a world class runway. The rink’s railings were removed to add seating. A giant tent was erected so the staircase could be incorporated into the runway. The lighting was even and flawless for the entire runway. While I didn’t check the time, the show started after guests mixed, mingled and posed for photos.

Jackie is a local business owner and a Campaign Ambassador.
That’s her featured in the Nordstrom “We Like Your Style” ad!
Gala Co-Chair Jason Sarai, Style By Sarai and his wife Natasha
Shay Merritt
Tamara Taggart (center), CTV news Co-Anchor; with Dr. Jan Christilaw (right), BC Women’s Hospital + Health Care Foundation President
Coco (a new mom) is probably giving Karolina (an expectant mom) some tips!
Supermodel Amber Valletta


The Media Pit is typically at the end of the runway…
Since the runway served as the entrance and the exit for the venue, organizers stationed the media behind seated guests. As a single individual, I was permitted to stand at the end of the runway.
Various pieces could be easily worn to work, dinner or galas in Vancouver. Mission accomplished Nordstrom! While the collections were impressive, none pushed the boundaries!   In a word, the show was “safe”. No, I’m NOT suggesting models should have worn avant garde or barely there art pieces. However I wanted Nordstrom to show me something new or something unique. Even the late legendary Alexander McQueen’s collection was mainstream. A bomber jacket was the only piece in his collection that hinted at something trendy.
The Space Collection, curated by Olivia Kim featured four designers with youthful trendy pieces. I absolutely adored Anthony Vaccarello’s black one shoulder dress with what appears to be a belted top. Needless to say I’ve cherry picked my favorite pieces for the post below. Enjoy!

Scene 1: Valentino 2 of 8 pieces
I’m loving the Rock Studs!
Scene 2: Burberry Prorsum 2 of 5 pieces, See the camo boots?
Scene 3: 3 Men’s Wear Designers, J.W. Anderson shown above
Scene 4: Alexander McQueen 2 of 6 pieces
Scene 5: The Space Collection, Anthony Vaccarello shown above
Space: Simone Rocha
Scene 6: Stella McCartney 2 of 8 pieces
I love the flared coat and pants.
Scene 7: Saint Laurent 2 of 5 pieces
A sexy sweetheart dress. The tulle underskirt is removable.
Scene 8: Chloe 2 of 6 pieces
Scene 9: 4 Men’s Wear Designers, J.W. Anderson shown above
Rick Owens
Scene 10: Balenciaga 2 of 6 pieces
I love the single semi gloss lapel and belted waist!
Scene 11: Marc Jacobs 2 of 7 pieces
Scene 12: Evening Gown Designers, Bibhu Mohapatra shown above
Kaufman Franco
Scene 12: Kaufman Franco
Oscar De La Renta

Bibhu Mohapatra again. The train connects at the shoulders!
Marc Jacobs up close

An endless stream of guests
Organizers moved the coat check from inside the VAG to a tent along the route to Nordstrom. Smart thinking!

Ready, Set, Shop!

The weather was perfect for a stroll across the street to the new flagship store.
7:30 – 10:30pm – Again, kudos to organizers for their foresight and planning. Guests, parked once and visited three venues! The VAG lobby was a bit too cozy for a large crowd and everyone was seated during the fashion show. However the store gave guests three floors of unlimited space to mix and mingle.
Organizers spared no expense to make the evening memorable:

  • A DJ was located outside and another inside the store on the 2nd floor.
  • Models (not featured in the runway show) wore outfits and roamed the store while others posed as mannequins.
  • The upbeat dance music of Sean Jones and his four piece band kept guests dancing all night.
  • Guests were provided an endless stream of appetizers, drinks and desserts.


Models posed as mannequins
While they didn’t talk, they did smile on occasion.
Lauren a model, interacted with guests.
I saw her on the runway at the Luxury Supercar Weekend!
In front of the camera people ask, “What should I do?”
Without prompting, Lauren gave me six poses in six seconds!
Sean Jones’ band played Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, reggae and Motown to keep guests kicking up their heels in the shoe department!
I turned around and Karolina was there!
After the fact I can think of a million things to say/ask.
Tamara Taggart (center), CTV news Co-Anchor
Sophie Lui (right), Global BC news Co-Anchor
Robin Reichman, reality TV personality
Several women copied Robin’s idea and posed with the models.
Jagdeesh, Asian Pacific Post; Kanika, Lucky & Bikki, Menswear Designer
Crystal, Crystal, Andy and Christie, Style Nine to Five

to back…
to back coverage!
Marissa bought her dress in a London boutique.
Trisha is a scientist…
and her husband doesn’t like this dress! You go girl!
Shalzin manages one of the cosmetic lines.
Joy & Randa
Randa’s a fashion blogger and wearing a Gentle Fawn dress
Fran is back from holiday and anxious to design her 1st collection.
She loves her smoking jacket!
Lisa came from Seattle to attend the opening. She’s wearing a…
Chanel necklace, Fendi clutch and a Celine dress. Lovely smile!
Looks likes a night club, but it’s Habitant on the 2nd floor! I was too busy to stop but they serve: appetizers, beer, wine and cocktails. Open every night till 9pm (7pm on Sunday).
It’s a brilliant concept. Girlfriends can ‘shop till they drop’ then refuel with a salad and a drink. Husbands and boyfriends reluctant to shop with their wives and girlfriends can have a beer while watching TV!
Crystal & Christie’s dresses came from Wardrobe Apparel. Crystal’s Greta Constantine was my favorite of the evening!
Trisha and her girlfriend
In heels Lexi stands about 6’1″ or 6’2″!
I met Cindy at the Rachel Zoe fashion show in 2012.
Jason Matlo, Designer & Wen-chee Liu his Chef d’Atelier
Andy Chu, FMA & ARC2 Entertainment Founder & friend
Crystal Carson, Stylist/Media Personality &
Tyson Villeneuve, The Social Concierge
Toronto-based recording artist Sean Jones looks great
after 3 hours of singing!

Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.

City Lux Vancouver, My Sidewalk Shoot With…

Jun, 21st, 2015

Summer is finally here and events are occurring every weekend. Jeans, flip flops and T-shirts are great for sun baked street festivals. But events like Dîner en Blanc, the Deighton Cup and Rouge & Blanc are just as fun but require some planning and shopping. But don’t let glamorous events discourage you from attending.

City Lux dresses paired with silver & gold Aldo heels
Hazeltine, Robina & Kristina
Kristina’s wearing a fascinator from Dominique Hanke’s Hive Mind Millinery
Gloves can add a touch of class to any outfit.

Sunan and I decided to team-up to give you a few ideas for upcoming summer events.  We dressed Robina, Kristina and Hazeltine in Sunan’s City Lux Vancouver, Herve Leger style bandage dresses. We picked silver strappy Aldo sandals for Robina and Hazeltine and gold strappy Aldo sandals for Kristina. Aldo has matching clutches (not shown). White strappy heels are another option.
Dominique Hanke’s Hive Mind Millinery is locally based. Many varieties of horse racing hat options exist but a wide, stiff brimmed hat or a pillbox hat with netting are a couple elegant choices.
Robina’s gloves were bought at Claire’s but they can also be found at vintage boutiques or rented from costume shops.
The cost of the dress and heels shown range from the mid to high $200s. When creating your look remember to edit, edit, edit! Challenge yourself before adding extra pieces.
Robina  has a legal background and is a Custom Cake Designer.
Kristina  is a yoga teacher and an Actress.
Hazeltine  is an Actress and is pursuing an Event Planning career.
Sunan  can be reached on Instagram at CityLuxVancouver for fittings and dress orders.
Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
Special thanks to: Tracy Seguin (Glow Salon & Spa for hair), Nikitasha Kapoor (hair & makeup) and Ann Lin (hair & makeup).
Girl’s Night Out

Here’s a few more bandage style dresses from City Lux Vancouver!


Blubird Spring Social

Apr, 30th, 2015

Blubird closed early so they could throw a party for their customers, media friends and fashionistas. It was the perfect time to mix, mingle and shop.
Blubird provided pink and red selfie sticks which were quite popular during the evening.
A hostess made frequent trips through the store serving a variety of warm appetizers. I particularly liked the meatballs since I didn’t have a chance to eat dinner before I arrived. For dessert I had a couple warm, freshly made “Hugo’s Churros” covered with pink frosting. Fearing a sugar overload I stopped short of the Petite Puf cotton candy and Bottega Prosecco.
All the while, a small but steady stream of guests made their way to the change rooms.

Blubird is located at 1055 Alberni St. (near Burrard St.)

The Blubird selfie sticks were a big hit!
Adrianna playing hide & seek
Sarah’s cotton candy is made with organic sugar & natural flavors
Cocktails from Bottega
DJ Bro/Sis
Loved the meatballs!
Hugo’s Churros were made warm, fresh and covered with frosting!
The cinnamon churros were good too! Dan the Founder (L)

Christina’s wearing a BCBG dress…
and Charlotte Olympia heels

Jackie’s wearing a Sport Max blouse and Max Mara skirt


mySkyeBerryPie Hosts Aldo’s A-List Event

Mar, 27th, 2015

Customers strolling down Robson Street were surprised to find Aldo’s door’s locked at 7:00pm.   On Friday evenings the store normally closes 9:00pm. However, tonight Aldo was co-hosting its A-List event with MySkyeBerryPie. Click mySkyeBerryPie to visit Vancouver’s latest fashion and lifestyle blog. The invitation only event was equal parts fashion show and sales promotion. Fashionistas that attended Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) most likely heard about the event through Skye and her Communications Director Jamie Lim.
Aldo sponsors its A-List events a few times a year. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase Aldo shoes and accessories with collections from local Designers or outfits created by Personal Stylists.
Guests sipped Ginger Ale served in champagne glasses and munched on chocolate chip cookies while they shopped, mixed and mingled. Discounts “kicked-in” on purchases above $100. The fashion show began at 8:00pm and Connally McDougall and Alex Yu presented 6 – 7 pieces each. Highlights from their collections are shown below.

Angelica (1 of 12) Aldo staff organizing the store
The Birchell is from the Aldo Rise collection and is Ric’s Pick for this season. They also come in lavender and navy.
Are you having a shoegasm yet?

Skye Natasha Lintott is… mySkyeBerryPie

Normally seen in sexy body con dresses, Skye changed her style
Skye looking fly!

Designer Connally McDougall

Connally featured 9 pieces from her fall/winter 2015 Elysium collection. Her garments are made locally with sustainable and ethically produced fabrics. Her collection featured both men’s and women’s outfits. I’ve featured one piece to show how it was styled with accessories from Aldo’s store.

Designer Alex Yu

Alex featured 9 pieces from his collection. As you might have guessed, I really liked the pink outfit!

Seen @ the Show

Grace, Aldo’s District Manager
From Brazil with love
Lorraine, Vancouver’s latest fashion blogger
Love the boots!
Eleena (Skye’s friend)
Irena DeMarco – Vancouver fashion supporter
Mashhour (l) Both guys are wearing & modeled for Connally McDougall
Fashion blogger and stylist Felix Tavira wearing one of his tamer outfits

Wardrobe Apparel – Gastown Launch Party

Mar, 26th, 2015

Alex showed me her favorite piece (a coat/dress).

I’ve wandered the “Sidewalk” with my camera for a couple years and each time I spot a woman wearing a unique garment, I’m told it’s not from Vancouver. Their outfits are usually purchased overseas in a small no-name boutique. As I started speaking with Alexandra (Alex), the Operations Director/Buyer of Wardrobe Apparel I realized we had the same view of Vancouver fashion.
Alex carries unique outfits you won’t find in Vancouver.   She also carries neutral, clean cut timeless pieces. As a former Investment Banker, the store’s target market is today’s career woman.
The store is open for walk-in traffic (Tuesday to Saturday). Eventually she hopes to have private appointments where customers have the entire store and staff at their beck & call.
I also spoke with Jessica. She’s handling the social media for Alex and echoed many of the same points. Click Jessica Luxe to visit her fashion blog and click Sidewalk Shoot to view our collaboration. I was impressed with Jessica’s level of knowledge and the details she was able to share. For example, she recited a partial list of designers Wardrobe Apparel carries:
       * Zoe Jordan – British Designer
       * Greta Constantine – A Toronto design duo
       * Fyodor Golan – UK Designer
       * Charlie May – British Designer
       * Imogen Belfield – British Jewelry Designer
       * WXYZ – US Jewelry Designer
Wardrobe Apparel is located in Gastown at 67 E Cordova (near Carrall St).
Click to visit their website and click Wardrobe Apparel to visit their Facebook page.

A nice wooden desk & flowers near the entrance
Crisply pressed shirts for women
A shiny purple Greta Constantine dress
Raven browsing the racks
Jessica said, “Isn’t this dress cool?!”
Should I try this on?
Ba-Bam! From Luxe to DeLuxe in two minutes!
I wonder if Jasmine & her friend coordinated their outfits??
I snapped this just as Fran was leaving
Lana (wearing an H&M skirt) is about to launch a fashion blog with her daughter Casi
A Carolina Herrera purse
Chelsey, Wardrobe Apparel General Manager

Lululemon Launch Party on Robson & Burrard

Aug, 19th, 2014

I’m a fashionista at heart.   I prefer clean lines, fitted pieces and sophisticated simplicity. To be totally honest, casual wear is not on my radar. So I was a bit worried how I would cover the launch of Lululemon’s flagship store.
I arrived early and the vibe felt good. A DJ was playing soulful house music and several classy dressed waitresses stood ready with drinks. Moments later I bumped into Jordan Kallman who shared, “We wanted to bring the outside inside.”   Meaning the flat rocks at the door’s entrance simulated a forest trail and grassy platforms were used for employees to model Lululemon outfits. Incidentally Jordan and his Social Concierge team host the Deighton Cup and Diner en Blanc.
I was pleasantly surprised as guests began to arrive. This was not a Birkenstock and sweat pants event.   There was a mix of casual and nicely dressed guests. Generally speaking, the professional athletes dressed casual. Their wives and local media personalities tended to dress nice. I liked the black dresses worn by Fiona Forbes   (The Rush TV Host) and Christina (Lululemon Executive Assistant to the CEO). Katelynne (Robson & Burrard Store Manager) wore a cute grey romper.
In speaking with Linda (shown below) I learned Lululemon is connected to the community several different ways. The Robson & Burrard store hosts a #RunRobson Run Club each Wednesday evening. The club is free, membership is not required and runners of all skill levels are welcome. As one of several Run Club Ambassadors Linda helps organize the weekly event.
After guests had a chance to eat, drink and socialize, CEO Laurent Potdevin gave a short speech. He simply thanked his staff for their long hours needed to open the new flagship store.
The event was fun, creative and left me with a good impression. The tan and burgundy sweaters (shown below) were amazingly soft. Lululemon will offer a line men’s line of custom made shorts called The Joinery. While I’m still a fashionista at heart, I exercise frequently. I won’t wear my future pair of Lululemon’s on the “Sidewalk” but they will be perfect for my gym workouts.

The 1148 Robson St store has closed and moved to 970 Robson St (the SE corner of Burrard & Robson)
Red, White and Beer awaited media and guests as they arrived.
Linda, posing in front of her portrait
Linda is a Lululemon Run Club Ambassador
A very soft blend of: rayon, bambooo tencel & cashmere
Modeling Lululemon on platform #1
Modeling Lululemon on platform #3
Standing room only!
Christina, Laurent’s Executive Assistant
Laurent Potdevin, Lululemon CEO
Katelynne, Robson & Burrard Store Manager
DJ Christian Alverez played Soulful House tunes
Aerialist Meregon
Aerialist Joy
Laurent and Fiona Forbes the Rush TV Host
Former Whitecaps Captain Jay DeMerit
Christie Lohr ‘Style 9 to 5’ Founder modeling her Swag bag
Design & Creation SVP Deanne Schweitzer (left)
Guests doing a Selfie check
Lululemon Chief Product Officer Tara Poseley
Norma Reid CTV News Anchor & Laurent
A guest
Vancouver Canucks goalie Jacob Markstrom
Fred Lee CBC Radio Early Edition Columnist
The Lululemon staff that made the opening possible

Several of these images were featured in the Community section of the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.
The Changing Face of Vancouver

In my humble opinion, the heart of downtown Vancouver is the intersection of Burrard and Robson. Before and eventually after I moved to Vancouver I spent a great deal of time in Virgin Records and then HMV Music. Both stores occupied the NE corner. Eventually Lindsay Ellingson opened Victoria’s Secret on August 29, 2013.
I also frequented the 24-hour Blenz coffee shop on the SE corner. It was an easy to find landmark and once I started my blog it was the perfect location to people watch. The patio was filled night and day. Students studied, tourists reviewed maps, shoppers rested between retail conquests and friends congregated before heading to dinner. Then without warning, Blenz closed. The rumor was the building owner grew tired of multiple tenants. Miss Sixty closed then became a small HMV store. New Balance closed and became a fashion pop-up store. After several months of renovations three stores were combined into one. Lululemon now occupies the entire SE corner. Their doors opened to the public on August 20, 2014.

Tania Fergaru @ Giving Gifts & Company

May, 17th, 2014

The Giving Gifts & Company’s (GG&C) exterior is plain but interior is filled with clothing, jewelry, crafts and art work. Their website states they cater to babies, kids, adults and pets in a Fair Trade and Eco Friendly manner. In addition, to being a retail store it’s also a Co-op. Craft makers, Artists and Clothing Designers that live locally work a couple days per week in the store to minimize their rental fees.
Today I visited GG&C to attend Tania Fergaru’s Pre-Launch Tea Party.   She’s a recent Blanche MacDonald graduate. We met at her Celebration of Life fashion show in January. The store carries a fair amount of T-shirts and jeans but from what I could see Tania will be one of a couple designers offering fashion forward designs. GG&C will be a nice complement to her Etsy site.

Business cards of the Co-op members
This describes Vancovuer quite well!
I arrived early… Tania was setting up the store.
The Red Velvet cupcakes were sooooo addicting!
The lovely Tania herself
Tania’s current collection is now available in GG&C
Lucy (left) seen just after the Celebration of Life fashion show
The same dress displayed on a dress form…
Both ladies arrived together and…
coincidentally lived in the same home town as Tania!


Launch Party Photo Shoots

This was an intimate event with steady stream of Tania’s close friends stopping by to congratulate her. As the photographer, I figured I would snap photos of guests between cupcake bites. However Tania has a lot of cute girlfriends. I thought we should take her creations off the hangers and bring them to life. Shortly thereafter I had three back-to-back, mini photo shoots!


  Emily arrived wearing a simple yet subtlely styled outfit. I liked
  it so much, click Emily to see what she wore to tonight’s party.
  No sooner than we returned from our “Sidewalk” shoot, Tania asked
  Emily to model her blue skirt and her boxy blouse with the hand
  beaded collar. The blouse was very sheer but luckily Emily’s
  white sports bra was barely noticeable. We headed back to the
  Sidewalk to catch the last rays of sunshine.
  You’ll notice the wavy, watercolor-like pattern is repeated in
  other pieces. The ancient Aztecs were the inspiration for
  her collection.



  Jessie modeled for Tania before but she was the shyest of today’s
  impromptu models. I literally had 5-minutes before she had
  leave for another engagement.
  She’s wearing a cropped top with a cowl neckline on the back and
  a full length skirt.



  Photographers dream of having a model like Jill. Most people are
  so self-conscience and so worried about getting the perfect shot,
  they forget to relax and have fun.
  While most women would have passed over the plunging cowl neck,
  and backless top, Jill picked it and wore it with confidence!

Click Tania Fergaru to visit her Facebook page. It contains links to her Etsy page.
Click Giving Gifts & Company to visit their website.
Or visit their store at 4570 E. Main St.

NLAStylist @ JAC by Jacqueline Conoir

Mar, 8th, 2014

Imagine for a moment you’re ready to set aside your fuzzy sweater and try something chic.  Where would you start? Would you:
Q- Look at fashion magazines?
Q- Ask your girlfriends? or
Q- Trust a salesperson?
Have you considered a Personal Stylist?
Yes, Personal Stylists cost money. However, today’s event hosted by Personal Stylist (and fashion chameleon) Nicolette Lang-Andersen was free. In 15-minutes she worked with four models and demonstrated how to go from an office look to an evening look in seconds.  Hence the clever promotional title “From Paperclips to Prosecco”.
As an incentive, the store offered guests a discount for purchases made that day.

After the demonstration guests went the the back of the store and tried on different Jacqueline Conoir outfits. Nicolette was there to offer styling tips, tricks and advice.

Keep your eye on the light brown dress on the left… earth tones are the color for the Spring/Summer line
An outfit for the office
Remove the scarf and jacket and add big hoop earrings…
An outfit for the evening
Valintina, Keiko and Irina
NLA = Nicolette, Click Personal Stylist to see her Outfit of the Day
I wonder what this jacket would look like…
with these shorts and a pair of heels…

JAC + Jacqueline Conoir = JAC by Jacqueline Conoir
At first glance the address appeared as if JAC by Jacqueline Conoir was in Kitsilano. Just before leaving a little voice told me to check Google Maps. To my surprise, I realized 164 W. 5th Ave. is east of Olympic Village!  I hustled to the event and arrived midway through Nicolette’s presentation. I took several photos and listened as guests sought advice from Nicolette. She said, “Don’t try to force a trend just because something is popular. If it doesn’t suit your body type it won’t look good on you.”
A bit later I struck up a conversation with Stefania and Linsey to learn more about JAC by Jacqueline Conoir. They told me JAC (the stylish urban line) was merging with Jacqueline Conoir (the sophisticated, professional line) to reach a broader clientele. One that ranges in age from 22 to 65. Another benefit is they have pieces to cover all four seasons. Which is nice because people shop for current weather conditions. Unlike runway shows which present collections for seasons 6 months in the future.

C-zo Hair and Makeup Show

Mar, 7th, 2014

One month after C-zo’s Medi-Spa Party, Ryan (C-zo Co-Owner) invited me back for their Hair & Makeover party. Guests mixed and mingled till 7:30pm. When show started Stylists and a Makeup Artist used L’Oreal, Kerastase and La Biosthetique products on four models. Each before & after was quite striking but I particulary liked Kristina’s makeover.

Every fingernail is painted a different color
Clay & Alex
Michelle & Luke
Jesse’s wearing a tea cup ring
Alicia gave Jesse a blue streak of Loreal Hair Chalk
Asal won the gift basket raffle


Shoes & Heels

Shane and Clay’s snakeskin boots
A pair of Michael Kors T Strap heels
Jesse’s John Fluevog ankle boots
Sandra’s Steve Madden Ankle Strap heels
Kim’s Aldo heels

Hair & Makeup Models

Anna, La Biosthetique Makeup Artist & Kristina
Alicia & Kristina
Cloud computing… Cloud styling!
Jordan’s eyebrow treatment
Hannah, Kristina, Kim and Jordan

Owners, Stylists & a Makeup Artist

Shane, Sandra & Kam, C-zo
Kam & Sheyla, C-zo
Donald, C-zo
Leah, Kerastase
Anna, La Biosthetique
Phillip, La Biosthetique