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I prefer to photograph trends & styles rather than predict them.   I’ve successfully coordinated many women’s outfits but I don’t consider myself a Stylist. This page is dedicated to sharing the small styling touches to help transform your next outfit into something eye catching.


  • Table of Contents
  • Color Basics
  • Outfits With Color
  • Hair As An Accessory
  • Necklaces
  • Matching Your Accessories
  • Fingernails
  • Stockings
  • One Legging
  • Unique Pairings


Warm versus Cool – Color Basics 101

The first thing I notice about a woman’s appearance is how well she combines the colors of her outfit.
Have you ever noticed a fashionista wearing a leather jacket, carrying a leather purse and wearing a pair of leather boots and wondered why everything looked slightly odd? Most likely it had to do with the undertone of the fabric’s color.
Everyone knows Yellows, Oranges and Reds colors are warm colors while Greens, Blues and Violets are cool colors. Fabrics have warm and cool undertones. How they are paired will determine if they clash or complement one another.

Primary Color

Primary Color

Primary Color


Warm and Cool Variations – Color Basics 201

In addition to the more obvious warm and cool colors above, most individual colors can have warm and cool undertones. Imagine adding gold to warm up a color or adding silver to cool down a color. In our example leather example this would occur without the metallic qualities showing through. I’ve used the color brown to illustrate my point.

Imagine Warm colors have gold undertones Imagine Cool colors have silver undertones    
Warm Browns Cool Browns    


Outfits With One Color

Wearing an outfit using one color is an art. Yet, all too often it’s done incorrectly. How many times have you seen someone wearing a black jacket, black dress, black stockings and black heels AND each piece appears as a different shade of black?
The easiest way to solve the problem is to buy the jacket and dress from the same designer. However if you’re a bit daring you can use two variations of the same color then contrast and repeat. Contrast the fabric or the undertone then repeat one element within the outfit.

The black outfit works because… The brown outfit works because…
  – The legging and sweater are the same type of fabric.
  – The legging and the blouse are the same shade of black.
  – The dress, stockings and ankle boots are warm browns.
  – The coat is a cool brown.


EIK Designs, Vancouver Fashion Week F/W2013
Warm and Cool browns


Outfits With Two Colors


  – Related colors are side by side on the color wheel.
  – Complementary colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Related colors – Red purse and orange dress
Complementary colors – Blue jeans and “orangish” leather coat
Red and black
Matching yellow-ish leather jacket and yellow-ish leather boots


Outfits With Three Colors

Bold colors, one color (black in this case) is repeated
Pastel colors, each color is used once


Outfits With Multiple Colors

Notice how her heels match the colors of her skirt and purse!
Five colors: 1. Jacket, 2. Blouse, 3. Skirt, 4. Purse and 5. Heels!


Hair As An Accessory

Multicolored hair…
paired with multicolored heels
Dark brown hair…
paired with a dark brown purse



Can’t afford pearls? Consider costume jewelry.


Matching Your Accessories

How about a hair bow…
paired with your heels.
How about a belt…
paired with your heels.





Hanna’s wearing sheer black stockings over red fishnet stockings


Does Hanna have a tattoo? How about wearing patterned stockings under ripped jeans?


One Legging

What about one legging over a pair of tights…
Are stripes too bold for you? Consider a solid color for one leg.


Unique Pairings

How about mesh ankle boots paired with…
How about boots with zippers…
paired with jeans with zippers.
How about open toe booties…
paired with half finger wrist length gloves.


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