Serendipity & Keegan Connor Tracy

Dec, 13th, 2012

Fridays are not the best day to roam the streets in search of fashionistas for the simple fact that most offices have Casual Friday dress codes. Add a drizzly, gloomy November day and the odds plummet even further.
Nonetheless I decided to turn south and walk along Burrard St. To my utter disbelief I stumbled on a photo shoot in progress. It felt a bit awkward taking photos during another photographer’s shoot but this was an opportunity too good to ignore. I kept a discrete distance, snapped a few photos and waited until the other photographer left before introducing myself to Keegan and her entourage. We were all surprised that I walked along when I did. The PR Manager simply asked me to wait until Keegan’s story ran before posting my photos.
Fast forward three weeks and Keegan has a nice write-up and a cover shot on the December 13 – 19 edition of WE (Westender, a weekly, local arts and entertainment newspaper). In the article Keegan is asked about her acting career, family and personal interests.
I encourage you to pick up a copy (from most downtown street corners) because there’s something unique about holding a 11×17 color image in your hands!
Keegan`s wearing:
Hat The Saucy Milliner
Bolero Lace Embrace Atelier
Corset Lace Embrace Atelier
Stockings Transparenze (from Lace Embrace Atelier)
Heels Nine West
Thanks to Moon Rocket Media

Celebs Seen @ Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2013 – Day 4

Oct, 3rd, 2012

Top photo: Mashiah Vaughn (right) is a entrepreneur, model, actress, model and mother. She’s seen in the seated in the front row of VFW with Ioulia Reynolds (center) and Real Housewives of Vancouver (RHOV) Mary Zilba (left).
Mishiah is wearing:
Dress Ralph Lauren
Heels Barbara Bui (from Basquiat a Vancouver boutique)

Celeb Seen @ the Rachel Zoe Show

Aug, 9th, 2012

I like chat with people I photograph. It’s a nice way to connect as well as learn about their outfits. In this case I didn’t chat because I was guarding my prized spot at the end of the runway. Spots aren’t assigned and it’s far too easy to lose your spot to late arrivals. So I handed her my card and hurried back to the end of the runway.

Celeb Seen @ the Rachel Zoe Show

Aug, 9th, 2012

This was the second fashion show where I met ET Canada’s Host Erin Cebula. Click Erin to view her first photo.

Carlie Wong – Celeb Seen @ the Show (8 of 8)

Jun, 1st, 2012

   I thought she was nicely dressed. I didn’t realize she was Erin Cebula the
   emcee for the Carlie Wong show and host of ET Canada!
Blouse Carlie Wong